Office Bearers

The Board shall comprise of the following office bearers elected and appointed in terms of this Constitution.  The Board shall comprise the Chairperson, the Secretary and Treasurer at a minimum.  A maximum of two additional persons may be nominated and appointed by members at an annual general meeting, including an Executive Manager.

The Chairperson

 The duties of the Chairperson shall be to:

Preside over all the meetings of the Board and ensure that all resolutions of the Board are carried out by the members.  Ensure that an annual report of Association is rendered at the Annual General Meeting for the year under review and that the report is submitted to all relevant institutions.  Exercise such powers and perform such duties as usually pertain to his office and / or such other duties as may from time to time be delegated or determined by the Board.

The Treasurer

The duties of Treasurer shall be to:

Receipt, bank and keep records of all monies received and expended by the Association.  Pay all the Association accounts as authorized by the Board.  Together with at least one other Board member, have the authority to manage all monies and bank accounts in the name of the Association and to conduct any banking (whether electronic or otherwise) on behalf of the Association.  Keep proper records of the Association’s income and expenditure and to compile any accounting records and financial statements as may be required.  Control the finances of the Association and to account to the Board and the members in any annual general meeting of the members of the Association.  Prepare the Association’s annual financial statements for auditing purposes and for formal presentation to the annual general meeting of the members.

The Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

Give notice of all meetings or cause such to be given.  Keep the minutes of all meetings.  Perform such other duties as usually pertain to this office and as determined by the Board.

The Executive Manager

The duties of the Executive Manager shall be to:

The Executive Manager shall be appointed by the Board and shall carry on those duties and perform such functions as determined by the Board.   The Executive Manager shall be remunerated for the professional services rendered on the terms and conditions agreed to in writing by the Board.

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