South African Boat-Based-Whale-Watching Association


Welcome to SABBWWA


To create a self-regulatory model of a clearly defined and controversial tourism sector, in accordance with the basic guidelines for Responsible Tourism and the   development and adherence to Best Practice principles.  Through the promotion and involvement of communities and individuals from all racial groups, care for the environment, and the professional efforts of its members, the Association proves that South Africa can compete with the best in the world.


The role and aim of SABBWWA is: 

  • To provide a self-governing and self-regulatory body to present the industry.
  • To provide a common and unified communication vehicle between individual operators, Marine & Coastal Management (MCM), the Media and General Public.
  • To ensure the interests of the permit holder are protected against future opportunistic developments bearing in mind the investment in time and finance in establishing this embryonic business.
  • To ensure the future of the Whale Watching industry through control of the strategic developments in marine-Eco-tourism, and to the upliftment and benefit of the local communities.
  • To encourage and build the Boat Based Whale Watching Industry in a controlled and environmentally friendly manner.
  • To continuously promote the sustainable use of South Africa’s marine environment as enshrined in section 24 of the South African Constitution of 1996.

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