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Dyer Island Cruises live by the ‘Discover and Protect’ slogan, and we strive to provide you with the utmost conservation oriented and respect ethos offered on the market. Both are BEE Level 1 companies and certified by Fair Trade in Tourism. Our main concern is directed at the Sharks and the health of the local ecosystem that attracts White Sharks into the area. We will show you the true Great White Sharks, not those depicted in many movies and images. White Sharks are amazing, captivating and wonderful animals, perfectly adapted to the ocean and represent the ultimate predator in the marine world. They deserve our deepest respect and admiration.

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Dyer Island Cruises

Physical Address:
5 Geelbek Street, Gansbaai

Permit Area:
Danger Point & Quin Point

Date Formed:

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Tel (Office):
+27 82 801 8014

Tel (Mobile):
+27 82 801-8014

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Permit Details

Vessel Name:
Whale Whisperer

Departure Area:
Kleinbaai harbour

Passenger Capacity:

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About US

Wilfred Chivell, owner of Dyer Island Cruises and Marine Dynamics, is certainly the most knowledgeable person about the ecosystem and varied wildlife found on and around Dyer Island. His care and dedication to the health of this sensitive eco-system has lead to the launch of different conservation projects for the area: The ‘Faces of Need – Artificial Penguin Nest Project’, aimed at creating 2000 artificial nests on Dyer Island; the ‘Bird Rescue Initiative’ has over the years made him the prime transporter of injured and oiled marine birds from the island to shore, from where they are transported to SANCCOB; the ‘Marine Litter Project’ aimed at educating the public and local communities about the devastating results of pollution on wildlife while also initiating clean-up operations of the coast.


The Trip

When you book a trip with us, the evening before your tour we will contact you or your accommodation to confirm the time of your tour.  Trip times vary with weather and tide conditions. Once you have arrived at The Great White House, you will receive a brief introductory talk about the route, safety, and what to look out for. Passengers are fitted with comfortable life-jackets and waterproof jackets. Safety is of the outmost importance. We have extensive public liability insurance. Trip lengths are between 2 and 2.5 hours, depending on sightings and weather conditions.  All cruises depart from Kleinbaai harbour near Gansbaai.

The Vessel

The boat, Whale Whisperer, is the first boat in South Africa to be designed specifically for whale watching. It is extremely comfortable and spacious, with an on board toilet, observation deck, PA system and even a hydrophone! Whale Whisperer is 11.5m long and complies with all the safety regulations set out by the marine authorities. All passengers wear comfortable life jackets during the boat trip. The boat is surveyed annually by the SA Maritime Safety Authority, conforms to its specifications and is licensed for 24 passengers and 4 crew. Safety equipment includes first aid kit, radio and cellular phone. She also has a lovely observation deck for photography enthusiasts.

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