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Founded in 1998, we are the most established and professional operator in False Bay. Our skippers and guides have been boating in the bay for most of their lives and, coupled with their professional qualifications and passion for the marine environment, you are guaranteed a truly unforgettable and safe eco-adventure. We are a black owned company with shareholders from the local communities.
Our trips are marketed by Simons Town Boat Company.

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  Simon's Town Boat Company

Physical Address:
Wharf St, Simon's Town

Permit Area:
False Bay

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Tel (Office):
+27 83 257-7760

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+27 83 257-7760

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Vessel Name:
Southern Right

Permit Area:
False Bay

Passenger Capacity:

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About Us

False Bay spans an area of 1000 KM/2 and besides offering an abundant & diverse marine life, calm waters and stunning views, it has become a whale watching destination of choice.
We focus on 6 species of whales & dolphins: the Southern Right Whale, Humpback Whale and Bryde’s Whale, the Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and Dusky Dolphin.
We do occasionally also see other species on our tours, including Orcas (Killer Whales).

The Trip

The most popular whale species to watch is the Southern Right Whale. These magnificent mammals migrate to our shores from June to November each year after feeding in the Antarctic region. They come here to mate, calve and raise their young, or just to take a break from the stormy Antarctic winter. You are likely to see them mating, lob tailing, sailing, breaching and enjoy viewing them close-up, should they decide to interact with us alongside our vessel. We have a marine guide on board to interpret their behavior & to ensure that your trip is highly informative and a truly memorable experience!

The Vessel

We operate 2 specially designed whale watching vessels. Each has been selected for safety, stability & includes all amenities (including flushing toilet) for your comfort. To make your tour even more interactive and enjoyable, we only take a maximum of 12 people at a time, guaranteeing unobstructed photo opportunities and plenty of time to ask questions.

Operator Reviews

Even locals appreciate knowledge and experience

5 5 1
Like most locals, I don't generally do "touristy" things, but our daughter was down from Jhb and she and I went out with Dave and his team on Tuesday, 23 Sept, to see the whales. Why we had not done this before is now a mystery to me - it was awesome, educational, entertaining and worth every cent of the modest payment (do you know how much fuel costs here??) Dave, Janet and company were efficient and professional - our planned trip on the Sunday was cancelled due to major winds and that was handled promptly and responsibly. I have just booked to take my husband out with me again on Saturday morning - he is determined not to miss out on the experience and I would happily go out with STBC every month!! Don't miss it. JennyC


5 5 1
Dave and his crew are the most fantastic bunch so we keep going back for these experiences! We have seen all types of whales, dolphins and seals galore and had the best narrative possible from Dave who is just amazing. Highly recommended, very informative and Dave is one of the most remarkable men I have the honour of knowing. If you want a fantastic experience with an absolute wealth of knowledge at hand then this is the company you want. Thank you so much Dave for making our trips with you such an absolute pleasure :-))

Adventurous Ferry Ride!!

4 5 1
Located in the middle of quite town, i took a ferry from boat company to cape of good hope. This ride was mere adventure. Waves near cape of hope lighthouse were hitting my boat so strong giving me tumble experience. From there we left for whale hunt...but couldn't find any. Twas hard luck! I even saw some oceanic caves near light house. Overall i had fun sailing in fresh blue ocean.

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