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Hermanus in South Africa is the Land Based Whale Watching capital of the world and every whale watching trip is a unique experience where the sightings vary.  Southern Right Whales are the stars of the show during the annual mating in calving season, which starts with the arrival of the bulls in June, closely followed by the females.  They will mate during their sojourn in the South African Cape Coastal waters. Pregnant female Southern Right Whales will be the last to arrive and the last to leave with their new born calves. Only when the calves are fit enough will they swim back to the Antarctic waters where she and the calf will feed on krill, a nutritious rice grain size crustacean.

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Whale Watchers

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Hermanus New Harbour

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Walker Bay

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+27 28 312-4957

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+27 82 931-8064

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New Hermanus harbour

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15m Cat

About Us

The Whale Watchers operates from the Hermanus New Harbour. We are situated in the bid ORANGE building, right hand side, almost directly after entering the Harbour. Our vessel, Unathi, takes 36 passengers. Our fewer passengers and two viewing levels ensures unobstructed viewing. The large windows on the lower lever can be closed in the event of unpleasant weather conditions, still allowing great viewing. The vessel is fitted with  male and female toilet facilities.


The Trip

Duration: Usually 2 hours, depending on the location of the whales and the weather. Departure times: 9:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00. Report 30 min before departure at our Orange office, for a briefing on what to expect from the trip, Safety, and general information on the whales and sea life. All passengers are expected to wear the life jackets (safety vests) supplied. You will be accompanied by one of our SATOUR qualified Tourist Guides during the trip Our vessel Unathi, is crewed by a friendly multi linguist team of guides and a skipper who are very experienced in interacting with the local marine wildlife and Southern Right Whales.
Water/sodas and crisps will be provided during the trip.

The Vessel

Designed especially for whale watching and leisure cruises, Unathi our SAMSA approved modern 15 meter catamaran is equipped with engines that minimise underwater noise. Two 380HP inboard diesel engines are used for our vessel’s propulsion to make the trip quieter and safer for the marine life. The main passenger cabin is enclosed with retractable windows and the open top deck offers great viewing and photo opportunities. Spacious interiors are fitted with modern environment friendly ladies and gents toilets. Comfortable café style seating without compromising viewing opportunity for a up close and personal wildlife encounter.

Operator Reviews

Not to be missed while in Cape town

5 5 1
We went for this tour via Cape team tours and it was an incredible experience. We saw lots of whales and even white spotted ones. We had to go deep into the sea since it was the end os season but they made sure that we saw lots of whales. We also saw some whales from the shore itself but from the cruise it was much closer and more exciting.

There she blows!

5 5 1
Nothing can quite prepare one for the adrenalin rush one experiences when a large dark tail surfaces above the water line or a plume of spray declares: There she blows! Whales in sight! There is never a guarantee that you will see a whale or any large marine creature for that matter; but when you go out on the boats it is indeed a privilege to head out into the big blue and see the behemoths of the ocean breeching and tumbling, or tossing and rolling about - without a care in the world! All this happens within an arms length of the boat and all that are present to witness these moments are awe-struck. Observers are deeply humbled by their sheer size and the power and gentleness of the nursing mothers hiding their newly born calves beneath the flukes of their tails. Nothing else is quite like this intimate interaction with the mammals of the ocean. Book once or book thrice - every journey will bring with it a new perspective on the world of the oceans and the wonders of Mother Nature at her very best.


5 5 1
I had never seen whales before so for me to be in the midst of a pod of whales and have one swim under the boat was pretty amazing. The tour was well organized and ticked all the boxes

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